best tool to use for soldering

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Just a general question on soldering I have beginner experience in using a solder iron and I have know problems soldering, fuses , caps , wires , resistors , My questions relates to components that have more pins or pins on both sides like integrated circuits U or IC chips , I have seen two ways one with a solder Iron and one with a hot air solder gun , From what I have seen the air gun looks more professional and maybe easier when it comes to desoldering , I would just like to know from someone that has experience in soldering that could give me advice in which way would be the best way to learn so I can advance in soldering .


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IMO.. through hole components = soldering iron while surface mount is where hot air guns excel and are really made for..
I use a desoldering tool for desoldering through hole components (basically a heated tip with a hole that you put over the pin and a vacuum source on a trigger to suck the solder out)
One surface mount multiple pin trick with a regular iron is called "drag soldering".. Its an art to learn but once you do you can solder multiple leads in seconds..

But if its surface mount then hot air gun all the way + solder paste

Some good stuff here..

This shows drag soldering (special cupped tip works best)


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+1 for soldering iron for through hole and hot air for surface mount.

My hot air tool also has a desoldering iron, but I use a spring loaded solder sucker for small jobs.


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For through hole i cut off all the pins of the chip, and pull them out with tweezers or radio plyers one at a time, you can use Solder braid, Desolder pumps, whichever method works best for you, you can't have Enough tools!!


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For starters, it all depends on what you are trying to solder. In your case, I would suggest a soldering pencil. They work the best for circuits due to the obvious size. Now which one will be best for you? It all depends on your budget.