Best capacitor to use for esp8266 decoupling

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Hi folks,

I'm building a new weather station based on esp8266, running from single li-ion powered directly through a mcp1700 3.3V which can supply only 250mA.

The uc is only powered for 450ms while it wakes up, logs on to WiFi, sends data, and goes to sleep for 10 minutes.

In sleep mode it uses around 20uA, full transmit around 800mA.

I want to use a sensible cap to help 1700 out a bit but as this is batt operated, uAs count

I've got the thing working well with a 10uF tantalum cap on the 3.3V side. Is there something better to use with less leakage? (I don't know if this was best - I just had it spare)