Benchtop Power Supply Suggestion

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Hi All-

I am looking to buy the best benchtop power supply that I can get for around $150. I am looking for an adjustable supply from around 0 - 30 Volts and 0 - 3 Amps. Dual output would be nice, but isn't required. I see a lot of off-brand ones on eBay, but I'm skeptical of those. Any suggestions?



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It helps to know where you are from. I have the CS13303S from Circuit Specialists that has suited my needs but I think they only sell inside the Unites States. Pretty sure I paid less than $150. I am sure it is someone eles's power supply with their brand but it works just fine.


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I always suggest a three output power supply. One to go from 0-6V @ ~2A and another variable from 0 to +/-18V @ ~1A. Three power supplies are very powerful. They allow you to power your logic and your analog signals without having to jump through too many hoops.

If you're a hobbyist I always suggest you build your own power supply. Much cheaper, but more time consuming, but you learn SOOOO much about electronics when you break open this project. It's usually a 1-3 month project. Dave Jones at EEVBlog has a good 3 or 4 part series on making a adjustable power supply with the LT3080 - Excellent stuff - but his voice is annoying as hell - but he certainly has a passion for teaching and is good at it.

If you're a professional just buy a power supply... you need to be up and running more than anything else. Any off brand power supply should do... if it fails just by another.