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Does anyone know if the BC182/3/4/212/3/4 transistors have been reincarnated as surface mount devices with different numbers or have they really been completely discontinued?
I know that TO-18 packaged BC107/8/9/177/8/9 became the TO-92 packaged BC547/7/8/557/8/9 and then SOT-23 packaged BC847/8/9/857/8/9.
I tested BC557 vs BC212 for the input stage of audio power amplifiers about a decade ago, and the BC212 came out considerably better; I've just returned to designing a few power amplifiers and was wondering if the BC212 is gone for good.
A search on a well-known internet search engine suggested 2SC1623, but the datasheet graphs are nowhere near the same, and I found a 2007 forum post by @Audioguru again (before he was "again") suggesting the 2N3904/6.

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I had to become "again" because I changed my email provider and my email address which is not allowed here.
My first job was with Philips so my first transistors were BC107 and BC457 that later became BC547. My next job was North American so I began using 2N3904. The BC and the 2N transistors work the same.
I later worked for a Japanese PRO audio company but I never designed products with Japanese transistors or ICs, but I used many of their excellent non-polarized electrolytic capacitors.

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All I know is, I still use BC182l and BC212L and I get them here from Rapid online.. However! The BC182L is pin different from BC182B and same for BC212B... I have oodles of BC212B's... dont use them..

Finding a plug in replacement for the BC182L was a chore...When I did.. THAT went obsolete as well..