baffled - light but not sump pump

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I'm a DIYer but I'll get a pro if l need to. At my dad's house (with a crawl space) after a steady rain, on a corner where the ground is low, there's 3-4" of water standing. He put a sump pump there several years ago and everything was fine. Lately it started tripping the circuit breaker. Eventually it pretty much stayed tripped. Today I rented a pump, plugged it into another outlet and drained enough water out to get to it. There are two receptacles in an outlet box by the pump. After unplugging the pump, I turned on the breaker and used a trouble light. It worked fine. I tried it in both receptacles. Worked fine. Bought a new sump pump. 120 v. Put it in the sump, filled the sump so float switch goes to 'on'. Plugged it into a receptacle - nothing. Trouble light still on. Switched receptacles. Light - on. Pump - nothing. Plugged pump into the other outlet, had to use extension cord, worked fine. I'm stumped. Outlet works with the light but not the pump. This one doesn't trip circuit breaker. Anybody have any suggestions about what's going on or what to do? Thanks for any help, pops1


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One or both pins on the plug for the pump must not be making contact with the contacts in the socket. Try using the extension cord between the pump and the suspect sockets. If it does not work check that the light still works plugged into the extension cord. (With the extension cord still plugged into the suspect sockets.