Automotive LED help required

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4247E12E-E2F8-4443-AA4A-0386072748A5.jpeg47AA93CD-A54F-43FD-A88E-77D3139DE1F5.jpeg985D0CF4-F98A-4FF5-A741-FB105E759600.png7D307710-0AC7-4C48-8159-A81D151AEA9A.jpegI purchased a set of 5 inch LED lights for my truck but I didn’t know they had a flash/strobe function. Essentially I want running light (red wire) and blinker function (yellow wire). Blinker function/control already existing in truck. Just want to hit the blinker and not have a strobing function happening at the same time. Not sure if this is an easy fix by disconnecting something or just buy a diffrent light. Also I suck electronic things so if help can be provided dumb it down as much as possible haha.


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Have you bench tested lighting the units? Will the floods come on at the same time the flashers do? Or can you control each independently? I'd expect independence for each function.


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OK, so one set of LEDs has a flasher. That flasher has a time constant that depends on a capacitor. I am guessing it is a chip cap, either C2, C5, or C6. This is the tricky part, which is to bridge those 3 caps, one at a time, with another cap, preferably between the values of 0.001 mfd and 0.1 mFd, . When you bridge the strobe timing cap the flash rate will change. THAT will be the cap that gets a much larger cap so that the strobe flash rate is slower than your turn signal flash rate.


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That being the case you need to determine what component(s) is(are) responsible for the flashing circuit and bypass it. That's the only way you're going to get around the uncontrolled flashing. I understand you want the car to control the flash rate.