Audible noise in dc motor

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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1. I have a simple application in which three dc motors are controlled by MCU with a mosfet.
Motor is 12V dc motor & load is small robo tyre as in attached video. This is not much load & moreover tyre dont move on road it is hanging upwards so no friction of road or anything.

2. Problem is as you can hear motor produces too much audible noise , is there any way to reduce it or any silent 12Vdc motor. SO that when motor rotates no noise or little noise is produced. I need 150rpm or 200rpm motor.


blocco a spirale

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You could try wrapping something around the body of the motor and gearbox to absorb the sound. Generally speaking, the more you pay for a gear motor the quieter and smoother it will be. Look out for Maxon or Escap geared motors on ebay, they cost a fortune to buy new but are affordable as surplus of used parts.


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I used to design cinema camera electro-mechanical accessories, they had to be super quiet for sound on movie sets.
It's true that the quality of the gearbox is the most important factor, a high quality motor / gearbox will cost $300-$500 to get it (almost) silent.

Trying to cover the motor with sound absorbing materials won't help much unless you rubber mount the motor AND use a vibration isolating coupling on the output shaft- the gear on the final drive couples lots of vibration into whatever it's driving- producing noise.


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Planetary gear boxes or worm & pinion are among the quietest but are expensive, simple gear reduction types are typically noisy.