ATM Algorithm for Notes Distribution

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Hello, I've Googled a lot, but couldnt find exact answer. Mainly I am looking for Math Formula, for Cash Dispenser.
As you Know, when you withdraw money, for example 760 Dollars. Dispenser gives you 7 x 100 and 6 x10, maybe 14 x 50 and 1 x 50 and 1 x 10.
So are this probabilities calculated by some formula, which is converted to a some Codes?
I want to give some logic to my dispenser with 5, 20, 100 Denominations do distribute money effectively.
Is there any solution?

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how about
dispense as big a bill as you can,

in the UK our machines seem to only have 20's and 10's.


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Our highest ones are in use because inflation. So, no surprise ATMs deliver them if available.

Not sure of how many people in USA had the chance to see a 500 USD note in their life or 500 Euros in The Netherlands.