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Dear sirs,

I recently purchased a Ask Impression 960. It is a very old projector from the beginning of digital projection. Its working mechanism is HDI lamp and direct TFT screen. He apparently is in great condition. It has no blown or blown capacitor, no blown fuse, and nothing to report any problems. But he doesn't care! Not even the lamp comes on!
I searched the internet and found a German forum, which spoke of a bridge on one of the three boards. But unfortunately, the forum no longer exists and does not provide the contacts of the people participating in it. Really, this bridge really seems to be broken in mine.
Does anyone know this type of bridge and could tell me how to test if this is what is preventing my projector from working?

Following is the link from the German forum that spoke about such a bridge:

Below are photos of the bridge that Mr. Teflon spoke on the German forum and another photo of my bridge as it stands.

Yours sincerely,