Are these two circuits equivalent?


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Please compress the file to 800x600 or 1024x768 and attach the file to the forum to avoid the picture loss the connection next times, this times I did it for you, thanks.

And when you take the picture you should from the top view is better.


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The signal nomenclature doesn't make any sense in the right hand picture. What is signal AB?

It looks like you are using two 1-to-2 decoders with enables (at least that's what the s0 line looks like), but then what is the s1 marking for?

You can make the topology on the right work, but you need to be more careful with the signal assignments.


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...would the system on the right work?
Should we be concerned that you have doubts about how AB has been implemented differently? Exactly how has AB been implemented differently? What about the presence of the switches S0 & S1 which seem to have no discernible purpose? Do you suspect that the 3→8 decoder will know that it is being driven by a less than pure 2→4 decoder, and the deceitful device will act appropriately? Are you asking for the secret to fool the 3→8 decoder into accepting a mongrel 2→4 decoder?