Arduino water tank valve controller DIY

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My water tank 8G50NVH used White Rodgers 927 valve controller, the White-Rodgers-37E73A-918-Intelli-Vent-Control on my water tank had been changed two times in the past 6-7 years, and it is not control the temperature again. The hot water becomes too much hot than usually, is this normal ? or what's the problem? Can do any repair on it?

Or if it is possible to make a Arduino valve controller?


White Rodgers 927.8.JPGWhite Rodgers 927.8.JPG


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That controller controls gas supply, gas ignition, water temperature and tank pressure venting, so there are serious safety issues to consider. Get the repair or DIY substitution wrong and there could be a gas or water tank explosion. This is NOT a DIY project, unless you are aiming for a Darwin Award. :eek:
There are soo many circuits available on google which you can try to design your own product, I have seen on YouTube there are many electronics lover who designed different types of water level Indicators. Let's try...