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Hello, we have a small problem with our project. In Arduino, we want to fix the value read at the input as a code to 5 volts at the output by automatically adjusting the duty cycle. We could not write the code in Arduino. Can somebody help us?


Ian Rogers

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LOL 14th June.... Left it a bit late... This needs to be in homework..

Have you ever made a boost convertor before? Quite a challenge for 4 days..


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First you need to write down exactly what the software must do. That will get the project into perspective and enable you to break it down into smaller tasks. Then you can check on the internet for projects that are similar to each individual task. e.g. "Arduino voltmeter".
When you understand how to program each task, you should be able to combine them to get the results you need.
Let us know when you run into a problem and we will try to help.