Arduino IDE 1.6.8 Question(s)?

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I decided to dip my toes in the water, so to speak, by buying a Nano clone when I saw the prices dip below $2 (USD) from a Chinese vendor. I still can't get over how remarkable that is. Anyway, I downloaded the Arduino 1.6.8 IDE and after 'playing' for a few days now, I have just a couple questions, if you please.

(1) Does Arduino 1.6.8 only link in Arduino 'core' function code, like the millis() interrupt driven background task, if you have instances of 'core' function calls in your sketch?

I ask because I wrote a simple Serial-Echo-Test program that reads and writes registers instead of using 'core' function calls and I was delighted that it compiled to just 236 bytes. Then I discovered David Johnson-Davies blog entry that described how to Use the Arduino IDE Without Cores. I'm using Windows 7 but based on David's instructions, I created an "Arduino Nano Empty" board option. Now what's interesting to me is that my Serial-Echo-Test program compiles to the same 236 bytes whether I'm using the "Arduino Nano" board (with 'core') or the "Arduino Nano Empty" board (no 'core'). Observations welcomed.

(2) Do I understand correctly that I can use Atmel Studio now to write Arduino programs with the added benefit of being able to simulate my programs in Atmel Studio, view LST files, and upload my programs from within the Studio IDE to my Nano board with its built-in bootloader?

(3) Will Atmel Studio allow me to write AVR assembly language or LibC programs (no Arduino core) and then upload them from within the IDE to my Nano using its built-in Arduino bootloader?

I've always wanted to learn AVR assembly language programming and if the tools support doing that with inexpensive ($2) Arduino boards, I will be totally geeked.

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