Anyone remembers the 'Telex' ?


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I developed a system that took a file created by an RPG program and saved on a 5-1/2 floppy disk. It was then read on an TRS Model II by a basic program that formatted the raw data into appropriate TWX order messages. Each vendor had different message requirements, so I developed an .XSL like description language (this was pre .XSL days. Finally, an assembly language program performed the communications over the TWX network. I also built a switch box to the TWX line, to select from manual/automated.
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I know that at one job they did have a telex terminal, and then when they got a fax machine and discovered how much cheaper faxes were the telex went out of favor in a hurry. A fax machine cost about the same as one month of telex service. And the cost was by page instead of by letter..