Anyone needs help with circuit board fabrication ?

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Bran Zhu

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Hi everyone,

I am an electrical engineer from China. I was heard it's hard to order and fabricate circuit board from professional manufacturers. While it's never been a problem for engineers in China. We have the great city - Shenzhen. PCB manufacturers of this city provide fast and cheap circuit board fabrication service.

I am thinking about supporting a few projects with free circuit board fabrication. Does anyone interested with this?

In case of coat me too much, here's some limits for the free circuit boards:
- better be smaller then 10 cm * 10 cm
- signal or double sided
- color better be green
- 10 pieces for each project

The coat of board fabrication is cheap, but international shipping is not. So I'm not sure how may projects I could support, it depends on the shipping fees, but at least 3 projects I think.