Anyone know what kind of connector this might be?

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Hi everyone,

Anyone know what kind of connector this might be?

It is the input of an electro-mechanical break of a servo motor. It takes mains power. I looked everywhere and I can't see a similar looking connector. Obviously I am looking for the mating connector so I am guessing a female flat looking with a double chamfer on one end and plastic locking ears on both sides of the body.



Molex for sure. The EARS can be purchased on or off. They fold back and become a snap in the back of the panel in a rectangular hole. Used inside equipment and for disk drives. Those Molex can be cross-pinned mix and match. Usually male pins go in female housings


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Note that this connector style is available with at least two different pin (and body) sizes. Images and drawings without dimensions are almost identical. Also, AMP (now Tyco) makes intermateable parts.