Anyone feeling like reviewing a board?

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I'm about to order 15x of a little handy board, pretty much an arduino uno with extra features. The purpose is a board that suits my most common needs so I don't have to choose between a "janky perfboard + arduino solution" or spend too much time designing multiple little boards for just one use case.
Most projects I will use it for will probably require 50% of the functionality but since the cost of ICs is so low I'm just gonna solder 15 of these board once and be covered for two years. The main thing is that it should be a permanent installation, not for prototyping so it's screw terminals FTW.

Does anyone feel like taking a glace? I might have done some mistakes or poor solutions. It would take quite some time to review it fully so I don't ask that, but if someone would simply spot something I'd appreciate the feedback!

Main differences between Arduino Uno;
  • SMD
  • Micro usb
  • FTDI
  • 0-10v DAC
  • 0-10v ADC
  • accelerometer + gyro
  • 24v quad channel half bridge
  • Bi-polar step motor driver.
  • 2 micro switches to enable disable the half bridge and the step motor driver to instead use GPIOs.
  • Main supply is a nicely regulated 24v, 2.5 A brick.
Board is 4 layers, matte black solder mask(not green like attached image), through hole vias and with ENIG plating (just cosmetic). Fastest signals 16 mhz crystal and 1 mhz SPI. I also added an odd cosmetic layer, the top copper is only a "floating" layer but connected to gnd at the supply. Some of the text on the board will be set to tstop so the text will look like gold. I have never done this before but it seems like it should work (?).
I never have component values or names on my boards so I simply remove them, I realize now that it will make it more cumbersome to review. :(

Anyways would appreciate some feedback if someone has the time!

I have attached the eagle sch & brd + the gerber files.


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