Ansoft Maxwell/HFSS transient on a structure

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    Aug 25, 2014
    I am new to both Ansoft Maxwell and HFSS and attempting to simulate transients on a 3d structure. I have a structure (hood of a car) designed in catia V5. I have imported the file into maxwell as .stp file. The Model analysis status verifies 'good' for all the parts. The 3d modeler window now reads the structure as Solids and lines, solids being the metal parts of the hood and lines (i'm not sure).
    I assigned the solids to steel, and received the message: 'solve inside' for object 'partbody-1' is set, due to material assignment change.
    The solution type I need is electric transient, I have current in my other calculations as 200A, 100Hz. Could anyone please guide me as to what steps I need to follow to simulate the transients. Any suggestion/advice or pointers to tutorials will be really helpful as I did not find much tutorials on transients and electrostatics.
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