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I just got a Projector to Play My Movies from My SD Card.

It has 2. USB Ports and an HDMI Port and things like this.

The Lumen Ratting is 6,000 and the Image Looks good.

I know this is how many Lumens the Whole Lens is putting out.

Now the ANSI Lumen Ratting is 400 and I Think I know what this is?

If You use a White Screen or a Gray Screen or Silvery Gray Screen this will make the Image Color Look different.

Is the ANSI Lumens the amount of Lumen coming Off the Screen after the Image is Projected on it?


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From the wiki:
ANSI lumens[edit]
The light output of projectors (including video projectors) is typically measured in lumens. A standardized procedure for testing projectors has been established by the American National Standards Institute, which involves averaging together several measurements taken at different positions.[15] For marketing purposes, the luminous flux of projectors that have been tested according to this procedure may be quoted in "ANSI lumens", to distinguish them from those tested by other methods. ANSI lumen measurements are in general more accurate than the other measurement techniques used in the projector industry.[16] This allows projectors to be more easily compared on the basis of their brightness specifications.

The method for measuring ANSI lumens is defined in the IT7.215 document which was created in 1992. First the projector is set up to display an image in a room at a temperature of 25 °C (77 °F). The brightness and contrast of the projector are adjusted so that on a full white field, it is possible to distinguish between a 5% screen area block of 95% peak white, and two identically sized 100% and 90% peak white boxes at the center of the white field. The light output is then measured on a full white field at nine specific locations around the screen and averaged. This average is then multiplied by the screen area to give the brightness of the projector in "ANSI lumens".[17]


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Well I Thought 6,000 Lumens was good because on Google it Says 5,000 Lumens is good.

But the Projector People Told Me the ASNI Lumen is 400 this is what I do not Understand?