an easy way to test for a bad circuit board?

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is there an easy way to test for a bad circuit board?
the circuit board for my oven may be bad.

my oven died. nothing works, not even the clock.
i had an aluminum engine inside, it touched the boiler element.
Then a minute later, i heard a "poof" and nothing works.
there must be a fuse?

my oven worked great just ten minutes before, i had a pizza under broil.
never did anything ti fix the shock issue.
the breaker was tripped, i forgot to say. & i re-set it, but no luck.



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What shock issue?
If foil touched the broiler element it should not have blown the fuse, check for low voltage on the control board first.
Many times faults on these ovens are the relays, especially the pin to foil connection blown.


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I would replace IC200, and check the two 3 watt resistors R119 & R124.
The IC isn't expensive, it's an OFFLINE Regulator. Used in lots of appliances. See YouTube, e.g.
. Good luck..


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All of those pictures are different and the names for the last two are clearly from ebay listings, When I first saw them and knowing Juro's history it started feeling like it may be a troll account.


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Well, he originally said he put a stand-alone range in his basement with concrete walls and is now showing a very neatly and correctly installed kitchen wall oven. So... You figure it out...