Amplifying the dc current output of a solar charger

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Hi everyone,
first time I post here.
I have found recently this solar charger I have never used, and I had it at home for several years now. I tried to charge it, just for fun, but it turns out that it doesn’t manage to charge my smartphone (I read on my phone charger that it has input 5V and 1A). I do know very little about electronics but I wanted to ask if it is possible to have an output of 1A without changing the voltage.
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The simple answer is no, you cannot easily increase the output current rating of this device. But I’m surprised it cannot charge your smart phone; I charge my phone via the USB output from my laptop (which is limited to 0.5A). When plugged in I get a message on the phone advising that it is charging slowly.

My advice is to make sure that the battery within the solar charger is fully charged (by charging via the dc input) and try again.

I can advise that I have tested a number of this type of power-bank and it is not uncommon for the device not to be able to supply the claimed output current – which may be the issue you have.


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There are a lot of gimmicky devices on the market. That power brick might be one of them. I laid my phone on a wireless charger bought from Menards for a whopping 5 bucks, but my phone wouldn't change from it. I'm not sure how it knew the wireless charger was crap, but it did. Probably for the best.