Alsager pottery wheel. Help please

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Podmore Alsager pottery wheel

I noticed an enquire from threlfaw for a very similar pottery wheel so I was wondered if anyone could help me

I am really a very novice electrician

at the age of 75 and need help to try to identify the faulty item or items to enable me repair my broken wheel which has broken down

The motor overload trip which is mounted on the side of the unit keeps tripping after a very short period.

I removed the drive belt and the motor seems to turns ok , so I am not sure if it’s something in the overload trip controller has a fault or failed or something else.

The manufacturer of this wheel has also gone out of business and I can’t obtain get any circuit diagrams for this unit at all

I have now removed the dc motor and took it to a motor rewind/ repair company they have tested the dc motor and have advised me that the motor is fine , no problems even when under load.

Please can anyone advise what is my best next move or any tests I could undertake to track down the source of my problems .









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There's a circuit board on it , i would remove that and take some pictures of it to see what is going on. Ideally trying to trace the wires from the motor to the circuit and maybe we could make a diagram.

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Hi Dogdydave. Thanks for your reply Will try but to easy to gain access to get photos of pub.

Hi Twohat Thanks for your reply but sorry to say we don’t live in Stoke on Trent as I’m sure l could get a local company to sort it. But I live in Mansfield near Nottingham and can’t find any one to help me.


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Does it still trip the breaker with the motor not mechanically driving the wheel or any belts or gearing ?
As it is a shunt wound motor it probably has a speed control circuit which controls the DC voltage to the armature. The field winding is probably just powered from the rectified mains voltage. Have you checked the brushes to see if they are worn or if there is a build up of carbon dust around them ? Also inspect the commutator. You will need to remove the end cover to see the brushes and commutator.