Advice on what type of power semi please.

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Ive been trying to repair a chinese made pottery wheel. Managed to make progress (wires to the remote display and control board incorrectly wired) and got the controls working so I reinstalled the main power semi (an IGBT) which I had removed as something had shorted on the gate pin and the board was burnt. However it failed to work properly. Rechecking I realised that someone must have messed with this unit before. The semi is a through the pcb 3 pin (like a TO220) with a hole that allows it to be screwed to a heatsink. HOWEVER the layout on the pins from the circuit board is the gate is in the that rules out all the IGBTs I can find as they have the gate at one end. The semi is switching a 240v circuit that has been through a full wave rectifier with modest smoothing via a capacitor. The gate is used to adjust the voltage by switching I would be very grateful for advice as my expertise stops at TTL voltages....So Im looking for advice on thyristor/triac etc....Please dont shoot me for not knowing the differences