ADS1115 driver for Pixhawk Flight Controller

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I am working on integrating a battery monitor circuit to use in place of the standard circuit that comes with the Pixhawk series of Flight Controllers. THe board has been designed and uses an ADS1115 for ADC operations and communicates via the I2C protocol.

I am in the process of developing a driver for the ADS1115 that will allow me to use it with the PX4 flight stack, and am facing issues with it. I was hoping I might receive some guidance on this forum.

Currently the issue I am facing is that I am receiving an additional two bytes of data when reading the Configuration register of the ADS1115. It is a 16-bit register, and I am reading 4 bytes of data, the last two of which are an acknowleged 0xFF and an unacknowleged 0xFF.

reading from config reg, having sent 42A3.png

If anyone has any ideas and would like access to some more information regarding the same, please email me at

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