Active noise cancelling

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Can somebody help me?
I am searching for some good noise cancelling circuits.
I browsed the internet and found couple of projects, but those aren't the real thing.
For example:

The experts (manufacturers) use the BT chip csr8645.
I know the chip has the possibility to cancel noise.

Could someone help me finding a circuit?

Thanks in advance!

(other good ideas for noise cancelling circuits are welcome)

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Here is a good video on the subject.
It is very difficult, so maybe go with more passive noise cancellation. Or just....

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Thanks for the replies.

I have already seen the video's from electroboom. Very interesting.

I would like to make active noise cancelling for my broken headphones. I thought recycling is a good idea.

The problem is that I cant find any circuit for the csr8645 chip for ANC.