Accessing Data through web saved on microcontroller SD card

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I'm using a microcontroller (Arduino) to collect sensor data and saving it in .txt format in the interfaced SD card. I would like to access this data remotely through web (WAN).
Please advise on how to do this and what kind of setup will be needed? Please share links of similar projects or relevant libraries.
Is it easier to implement it on any controller (ESP32 / Raspberry Pi)?


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Just write a simple webserver that runs on your microcontroller -- this is a lot simpler than it may sound at first.

You need to have the TCP/IP network stack, and your microcontroller needs to have a globally-routable IP address that is visible from every place you want to access it from. That may be a stumbling block for you. There are ways around this, such as using Dynamic DNS, but that's another layer of complexity that you probably want to avoid.
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