AC Hydraulic Power Unit Wiring Confusion

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Hi, I am confused on how to wire an AC Hydraulic Power Unit. I sure would appreciate some help clarifying how to connect the cut wires.

I made a drawing of current wiring and took some pics (attached).

My greatest confusion is the momentary on switch destination/downstream lead.

As I understand it:

My application: I have a one man basket lift that works with a 12V DC hydraulic power unit (broken). I have a 120/240 AC 3/4HP power unit on hand and prefer to have plug in rather than battery power. Since I will cycle this motor every few minutes, I also wondered if I should change the wiring to 240V to reduce the amerage from 10 amps to 5 amps?

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Changing the Wiring on the Motor to 240-Volts is generally a good idea,
but You are going to need a 12-Volt Power-Supply for the "Down" Solenoid,
or, depending on the construction of the Solenoid,
You may be able to simply replace just the Coil on the Solenoid,
with a 240-Volt rated version.

I would guess that the Switch in your drawing is to operate the "Down" Solenoid,
which looks like they are switching the Neutral-Wire,
but that Wiring sloppiness won't matter if You go with a 240-Volt Solenoid-Coil,
because there won't be any Neutral, all Wires will be Hot.

It's a pretty good bet that the original "Up" Switch that was controlling
the original 12-Volt-Motor will work just fine Switching 240-Volts at ~5-Amps.

You also have what looks like an Over-Pressure-Switch,
which should be able to handle the Motor Current directly if You change to 240-Volts.
Keep in mind that Switches like to be "exercised" once in a while,
and if You never activate that Safety-Switch it may develop a poor connection.
If You also have a Hydraulic-Pressure-Relief-Valve, (which You should, but verify it),
I would not recommend using that Switch.

Some of the Wiring may not be up to Mains-Voltage-Standards and
may need to be up-graded for Safety.