AC commutator motor speed governor 1950's

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I struggled to find the right forum for this. Please advise.
I am assessing an old Sunbeam Mix master to determined if is worth salvaging.
I know some of the components resistors and capacitors are dead.
I am trying to fathom how the speed control works and how it works in conjunction with the motor speed governor.
I found the following explanation but it is incomplete.....
Centrifugal force exerted by the armature mounted governor (set by a graduated ramp in the Mix-Finder Dial) causes the full line voltage contacts to make/break in extremely rapid succession. During the “off” portion, the capacitor/condenser absorbs the excess current to keep the contacts cooler and arcing to a minimum. At the same time, the full line voltage is shunted through/across the resistor. This causes the motor to slow—and the resistor absorbs enough current so the motor will not run—but does not completely break the circuit. This also reduces arcing, and suppresses governor “bump” to smooth out the on/off portion of the cycle.
This gives the impression that this motor type would "Run Away", speed wise, if not regulated.
Some wise words needed here.
Cheers GP
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