About authors that work constantly in antenna theory

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Hi, I am planning to do a masters in electronics engineering next year, and I would very much like to have an advisor that focuses mostly on analytical antenna theory. I know that it sounds more like a desire to do something more related to applied physics, and that is true, but I also know that in general, applied physics research groups focus more on optics, lasers, and other hot topics when they work in electromagnetism than in the topic of the theory of antennas, which is more outdated. Nevertheless, I also know that EE research groups are the ones still working on this topic.

So I don't know if some people here know about authors like Douglas H. Werner (who has done a lot of research in analytical antenna theory for more basic structures), but in Europe? since I cannot afford to do a master's in the US, where Professor Werner is. I know this is a difficult question since there is only a small group of people working on this specific topic, but I'll appreciate very much any help you can give me with the information I'm requesting!

Right now, I only know about a Spanish prof. named Mario F. Pantoja, but he is the only one I have found until now who has worked on analytical descriptions for antenna theory.


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I would recommend contacting the people you have already identified and asking for their input and guidance. After all, they know the field and who is working in it and can provide additional names of people to reach out to. Most researchers are willing, even eager, to do so.