About analysis the Bode plot

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What can be implications of bode plot in the perspective of oscillator design,
For transfer function s^3/ (s^3+6s^2+5s+1)
As this is reverse gain of 3 stage RC HPF , In bode plot , In the region of very low frequencies ,can certain frequency dominate in oscillation if it working mechanism controlled by non linear system or pole shifting or so ? if not how it can be managed to do so?
Also , in the region of low frequencies , i expected to be act as amplifier ,but it won't happen? why?

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As far as the oscillator is concerned, the most interesting and most important BODE plot is the loop gain (magnitude and phase).
Normally the oscillator (closed loop) has no input - however, if you want, you can use each grounded part of the circuit as an "artificial" input node.