A question about the circuit analysis and system of equations

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Hello all,

I'm a student who is busy trying to get a bachelor degree.
Could someone please help me with the following question?
Q: write the system of equations to calculate al the currents and voltages?
R1 = 100 ohm
R2 = 150 ohm
R3 = 30 ohm
L1 = 0.5 henry
L2 = 0.2 henry
C1 = 20 micro Farad
C2 = 10 micro Farad
frequency = 50 hertz

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Not that this is Homework HELP, not Homework Done For You.

The expectation is that you will show your best attempt, how ever much there is, and that we can then engage in a discussion where we help you get from where you are to where you need to be by nudging you in the direction you need to go or helping you identify errors in your reasoning or work.

So please post your best attempt to work the problem.


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While I can't work on the given circuit, I can modify it into something similar and analyze that as an example. Normally, I always find it best to apply nodal analysis, but in a case where there are floating voltage sources with no obvious ground reference and a requirement to calculate all currents & voltage drops, then mesh analysis is conceptually simpler. While it is customary to have all mesh currents circulate in the same direction, that is not necessary as long as one is careful to track polarity - and careful annotation of the circuit diagram is always necessary anyway.