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    Apr 11, 2015
    This is the Objective 3 question of the assessment problems section from page 46 of the 'Electric Circuits' book by James W. Nilsson and Susan A. Riedel.

    For the circuit shown find (a) the current /j in microamperes, (b) the voltage v in volts, (c) the total power generated, and (d) the total power absorbed.The circuit is in page 46 of the book.

    Anyone who has or reads this textbook,please explain me how to derive to the given answer.
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    You've probably reduced the number of people who can help to a very small number by not including the problem in your post. Let us see if anybody answers you. In any case this is not the Homework Done for You forum. You need to show us your best efforts so we can guide you to the solution(s).
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    You might at least tell us what edition of Nilsson and Riedel you are talking about?

    But even if I have the same edition, I'm going to expect YOU to make a reasonable effort to work YOUR problem and also to make it easy for others to help YOU with your problem. So you need to post the problem and to show YOUR best effects to work the problem.