A funny story (telling on myself)

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Early April, when the virus lock down was just starting, and TP (toilet paper) could not be had I had this brilliant thought (NOT). I went onto amazon and paid over $20 for 10 rolls. Sanity returned and I frantically tried to cancel the order which the Chines company ignored. I contacted Amazon and cancelled the order, case closed. Or so I thought. They did not get their money, so I was happy. Today I got a small package in the mail, containing 10 small rolls of what was supposed to TP.

TP200714a.jpg ...TP200714b.jpg

Of course I had to share this. The real punch line, I do not use TP! You don't want to know how I manage without.


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Few people in this part of the world use TP except as a small version of a paper towel or napkin.

I was absolutely shocked when I first saw this. A roll can be found on most resteraunt dining tables, and homes too.

This can be found in most bathrooms of modern homes.