A free PCB Design Course is Starting in Late March -- signups are available today..


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How long is the course? Do you care if the students are already have experience designing circuits and board layouts? What software will you be using?

What is the board cost for regular students? How many layers can designs use?

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Mark Hughes

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Hi dl324,
Thanks for the questions,
1) The plan is to start the course ~ April 1st and have boards shipped and in hand by Sensors Expo (week of June 23rd). Time commitment is ~2-3 hours per week, except for the layout week which might be double that.
2) Not at all -- there's plenty to learn -- and students can skip modules/activities they don't find useful.
3) The course is designed to be software agnostic -- we're providing examples in all the major EDA programs.
4) At the end of the course, if you're not one of the lucky 50, you can take your design and walk away, or you can order through the sponsor companies. The cheapest option is to take the design and send it off-shore, but you'll have to wait a while to get it back. The next cheapest option is to do it through us -- the sponsors have guaranteed to match / beat OSHPark pricing, and we can likely swing free assembly.
5) The design can likely be done on 2 layers. But if you're paying for your own board, you can do whatever you want. I could see a 4 layer making the job a bit easier.