A book with collection of useful analog circuits?


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The Art of Electronics by Horowitz & Hill is primarily a resource for learning electronics but is also a decent sourcebook for circuits.

In addition to the National Semiconductor Linear Applications Handbook mentioned above, there is also Linear Technology's Linear Applications Handbook, Volume 1 (1990) and Volume 2 (1993). Both are good sources of circuits, but what makes them especially good are the explanations for how the circuits work.

There's also the Linear Circuit Design Handbook (2008) by Analog Devices. Lots of good stuff there.

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Thanks everyone for your input.

Also, I found a very amazing book with about 25,000 circuits in it. It's called Markus-ModernElectronicCircuitsReferenceManual.pdf

and it's on the web for download.

I want to buy the hardcopy as well because it's most excellent.