9volt battery charger

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I'm pretty new at this at circuits and stuff so bear with me, I recently made an iPhone charging circuit that works with a 9 volt battery, so I decided to switch the battery for a rechargeable one. I also want to make a circuit to charge the recharge battery when the charger is plugged into to the wall to avoid having to remove the battery and buying a separate charge and stuff. So I have a couple of questions, my circuit for the iPhone charger draws 1amp and most recharged 9volt batteries have a capacity of about 300 maH, does that mean that it won't be sufficient enough to work, And if it is, does anybody have any idea how much voltage and current I would put back into the battery to recharge it, also ideas on making it so the battery charger is turned off after the battery is fully charged to avoid ov charging would be helpful, thanks in advance!


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Different battery chemistries require different charging profiles and it's usually more cost effective to buy a commercial product. In addition, the battery you plan to use for charging is inappropriate for the application.