8085 Assembly Language

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Hi all!
I'm currently using GNUSim8085 where it does not have ORG (origin) command.
The actual command is ORG 4200H
Any idea how i can replace that ORG command with other command (such as LDX and etc)?


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Welcome to AAC!

ORG is an 8085 assembler directive and not a native 8085 instruction like LDX. 'Directives' are instructions to the assembler itself - they don't generate code for the microprocessor. This one tells the assembler to locate (ORiGinate) the code beginning at 4200H. You would not usually ORG the code in the assembly source if you are building relocatable modules to be linked later.

Check the help files for the simulator to see how it specifies code location. Since it is a simulator, it may not matter, just code away.
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