400Hz 3 phase motor to run from 60 Hz...

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A very compact squirrel cage 1.5 HP three phase 220V 400Hz military aviation motor needs an equivalent on single phase. Which is bulky and heavy.
Before doing surgeries and shoehorn transplants; is there any way to rewind it ?
Or, is there a 'power supply' from rectified mains that creates the 220V 3 phase 400Hz it wants ? Aim is to make it work from plain 60Hz household source. No variable speed needed. It is a 3450 RPM.
Mission impossible ?
A VFD is your best bet. Find one that goes up to 400Hz and has a single-phase input stage. Failing that, either oversize a 3 phase input drive by √3 or supply your own rectifier to power the DC bus.