400 Watt Light source acting up. Spark gap switch buzzing and board smoking.

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I use a 400 Watt light source at work very often. Recently when turned on I noticed that it would make a buzzing noise and then I would smell an electrical type of burning. I took the top off of the device and switched it on. As best as I can tell the buzzing is coming from what looks like a Spark Gap Switch (Victoreen SGCA-3500A) . The smoke doesn't always appear but when it does it looks like it is coming from a resistor (RCD 160). I have attached a photo for reference (Sorry for the bad angle). I have a video if you would like to see that email and I will send it over. cbucci2331@yahoo.com

Is the spark gap switch bad? If so where can I get / order one from?
Would there be something else wrong that is causing the spark gap to act up?

Thank you to anyone who can help. If you need more info let me know. IMG_0960.jpg


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Does the lamp start? I have seen a spark gap used as part of an oscillator to produce the high voltage needed to strike the arc that starts the lamp conducting.

If the lamp is slow in starting, maybe the spark gap oscillator is running too long and getting the resistor hot.