4 Quadrant controller for a 300W BLDC motor

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I am a Mechanical engineering student working on a project for transportation problems in my country.

My project is an E-bike conversion kit using a 4108-600KV Turnigy Multistar BLDC motor; to overcome the low torque we used a planetary two step gearing reduction we tried it out as well, so that isn't a problem. What I want is for the motor to recharge the batteries as you pedal and also have regen braking.

I did some research and selected the esc, based on the current of motor, but I know it doesn't have recharge or regen option, since its a 2 quadrant controller. Searching for regen is where I got the knowledge of a 4 quadrant controller. Now the main problem is I don't know which one to buy, where to buy it from or where to look for it, I am especially worried about whether it compatible or not with my motor.

I am a mechanical engineering student so any help with books or data about controllers and regen braking or how to select would be helpful.

motor: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/4108-60...-multi-rotor-motor-with-extra-long-leads.html