4-Level Elevator using D Flipflop

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Help! T_T

So we need to make a 4-Level elevator using D-flipflops and other Logic Gates. We decided to make it simple by just making the circuit call the elevator cart per floor (we tried using monostable per floor T__T ) and bringing the cart to the first floor. We decided to use the D flipflop for the level indicator because we don't know how to apply it to the Elevator Controller. We're running out of options and ideas. The simplest thing I can think of is just pressing a button to call an elevator to a specific floor and that's it, I don't know how will go to the desired floor. I guess we just have to wait until someone push a button from another floor T___T. We tried using DC motor for the elevator movement but the whole cart fall down to the first floor whenever we let go of the button. We're like running around like headless chickens, help .
The references we always see are always using a microcontroller which is not an option because it is prohibited.
What we want to achieve is just a simple elevator where we can call the cart to the current floor and make it go to the desired floor. I hope somebody will notice this post, I'm sorry for being ignorant. Please be kind to me :(


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Firstly, you need to set aside the logic control and work on the mechanical part of the elevator.
So you have created a motor, some pulleys and strings, and a model of an elevator. When the motor stops turning the elevator falls back to the first floor.

You have one of two options:

1) counter-balance the weight of the elevator with some weights
2) use a worm gear on the motor


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After you get the mechanics correct, you need to generate a logic flow chart of all the elevator functions, and then go from there to a truth table, and from that to a circuit logic diagram.
That should help put the head back on the chicken. ;)