3-Phase Star Connected Load

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I have a general question on 3-phase star (wye) connected Power.

I have a HWMK Problem with a wye voltage source which is connected to a wye resistor set (voltage and resistors are balanced). Between these two wyes there is another load (wye configured 3-phase complex impedance elements of equal values) which is just branched off. None of the neutrals are tied together.

My approach to solving this equation is to lay-out an equivalent single phase (since the 3-phases are balanced), but want to confirm my interpretation of this.

I assume that the Voltage Source and Resistor are in series, with the complex impedance element being parallel. I then combine the complex impedance w/ the resistor by summing parallel impedance's and then go on to solve for circuit current.

Does this seem correct? I feel like my observation that this is parallel might be flawed, but I'm basing it on the fact the the Neutrals of the 3 Wye loads isn't tied together.


Thanks in advance.