2 Symbols help please

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I hope I've listed this in the correct place, please can you tell me what these symbols mean?
I think the two on the left are 3 phase motors, but not sure of the other two.
Cone in a circle and a triangle in a circle?

Many thanks in advance.



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I would guess that the triangle in the circle suggests a DELTA connection, with each element connected between phases. For the other symbol, nothing that makes sense comes to mind st all.
What is the context of the symbols?What is the whole drawing about? Given that it is not an actual circuit drawing, but a more basic power routing sort, it may imply something like a rooftop AC/Heat system that includes both full voltage delta connected 3-phase items and also mains voltage single phase components.
But as I only have used circuit schematics and block diagrams these are only guesses.


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On top, we have 3PH motor and a vacuum pump.
Anf on the bottom motor plus centrifugal pump (but I'm not sure.)