2 port parameters of DC coupled BJT's ?

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I'm trying to calculate the DC o.p. of a simple 2 BJT AM reciever. And so far I haven't gotten a valid solution from mesh/KVL/node/KCL, methods after 2-3 trys, despite looking right to me.

So far I've done the basic's of Z-Y-H parameters, but that was with AC, and when using a simple base-emitter model, Vbe is dropped from the AC circuit. I tried making a DC version of the Z-matrix, but right away Vbe is left in the DC eqn, and replacing it with the diode eqn looks worse and is probably not how it's done.


Searching the webs for how to calculate multi-transistor DC biasing seems to get me nowhere, and ton's of useless posts (like mine) and on only single BJT's, or only AC