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The data for this analysis were taken before the last election. Let's hope the guy with the nice hair can keep up the good work! E


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I have enjoyed being in Canada, and would like to see more of it. I especially liked Quebec City. I have made many trips to Guelph via Toronto - nice in the summer, but you can have it in the winter.

I have never been to Germany, but don't think I would like it there - watched too many WW I and WW II movies, I guess.


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For the ladies too? Hard to imagine given the rape pandemic there, per "fair" NYTimes: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/20/w...ants-a-lesson-in-how-to-treat-women.html?_r=0
How did you conclude a "rape pandemic" from this article? The article is about Norway's proactive approach to receiving immigrants that treat women differently than the laws and cultural norms in Norway and making sure the immigrants understand this difference.

Because of their up-front way of handling the immigrant issue and sexual violence overall, their reported rape stats are HALF of the rate in the US and UK. And, the unreported rate (interviews and surveys of adults), their rate is also half of the rate in the US and UK.

So, to be fair, could you please point me to any "Pandemic" information that I am missing from this interview.


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Having read the article a few times, I also wonder where the pandemic rape was mentioned.

On a side note: Stavanger is Norways oil capital. The oil price has dropped a lot lately, so many oil companies are firing employees.

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