12volt Reciever board for school RC car project, how?

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Hi, I'm making a RC car for my tech design project. I have brought my 2 12volt DC motors but I have no way of controlling them wirelessly. I cant find any 12volt reviver boards and transmitters anywhere. I do have already a 8 volt receiver board and a transmitter, but as I said it can only power 8 volt motors, the good thing about that circuit tho, is that it has a tanks steering design in it, which is the way I want to control my car (I don't want to use a servo to move the front 2 wheels for steering as that would be too difficult since I'm making the chassis out of wood)

How the car is going to work:
firstly there's going to be 2 12volt motors at the back, 1 left, 1 right, and that's also how the steering will work, like a tanks steering design. Then I need my receiver board and transmitter, and that's what I'm stuck on.

Any Help is appreciated :)