12VAc to VAc voltage divider 2000mA

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Hello guys,

I want to reduce the voltage of a 230/12vac transformer i have to 9Vac. The transformer is 58W rated so know that its capable of handling the load (2000mA). But is it ok to use a simple voltage divider with reaistors for such amperage? I havent been able to find out information of how I can calculate current allowence for a voltage divider.
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It is possible, but you will need large resistors to handle the power dissipation (heat). Also, the 9 Vac output will not be regulated at all, and will change as the actual load current changes.

What is the load device? Often, inputs that have a stated requirement of an AC input voltage will work just fine with an equivalent DC input voltage, something much easier to regulate.



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The load is a line 6 POD 2.0 guitar pre amp. I expect the current to be around 1,5A on the divider.

I did not follow the link, but experience tells me that a typical preamplifier should only draw a few milliamps. But no matter what the actual draw is, I suggest that it would work better to rectify that 12 volts AC and filter it a bit and then add a series regulator to reduce the voltage to the desired 9 volts. There are LOTS of good voltage regulator circuits available and some of them come with good descriptions of how they work, which would be educational. Of course it may be that the "6POD 2.0 pre-amp is not a simple 2 transistor device and really does draw a lot more power. But 1.5 amps at 9 volts is 13.5 watts, which is a lot of power for a pre-amplifier to need.