12 Hour Digital Clock

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Hi ,

I am trying to build a 12 hour digital clock, but I am unable to get the 12th hour to go from 12 to 1. Instead, it goes from 12 to 00 then 01. What are some ways I could fix this?
Also, I have noticed that one I start my simulation, the DCD_Hex displays start at a random number. Is there a way where I can allow them to start from 0? I have attached my circuit file.



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I have attached my circuit file.
If you print to a PDF file, you can give much clearer schematics. This is from MultisimBlue:
Note how there are no unnecessary wire bends/jogs.

This is what I saw when I tried to read your connections:

You can force Multisim to make cleaner routes by using the shift key while routing. If it demands on a screwy route, you can move it after it has been placed.