10KW power supply


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Answer for rather good option is UC3845 and www.danyk.cz/svar_en.html
3f means less anti-ripple capacitance in the Vcc input thus simpler relay. For my case where the target was 120 kW the target, there only thyristor bricks was sole option instead of relay, but Your case 10 000W gives 15A in the phase at 380V and under the 25A there are a plentitude of relays and/or magnetic launchers rather cheap. For igbt You`ll use some multiple igbt paralelly. The real problem will be cooling surface even under the fan. Water would be exact, however probably may draw the thick aluminium tubulus with wings thus the fan is utilizing the inner surface like wind tunnel. Efficiency of such is rather high.
In contrast, the old russian method instead of this was so called Magnetic Amplifier, by truth a ferroresonance transformer with DC bobbin, where by few Amps and few Volts one may steer the huge to small a loss, thus the output of 200-600 V and 10-1000 Amps may be regulated with one potentiometer. However its an ugly, heavyweight and not modern.


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Is this a directly rectified mains supply?
If so, it is particularly dangerous thing to try to make if you have not got the expertise. And it is not a valid discussion project for this forum.
More details are needed. Discribe your purpose and specifications.
Post your attempts at the problem. But if you are a novice, get a professional company to supply it for you.


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Agree that 10 kW demands an engineer rather well understanding what a fingers do, but to say that here may be disputed exclusively only a battery powered projects - its a bold grave to whole Allaboutcircuits site. Any law must be applied with brain to not sink a child together with a water.

Nothing inherently dangerous is nor the 110, nor 220, nor 380 Volts and even those 600V without a tail (535 V) what are formed on 3f 380V after capacitor battery is not inherently dangerous to ANY professional taught to plug it out and wait a bit before to tick any finger onto. How far I remember the Rules said here may not be discussed any system applying a non-transformer type system galvanic bound to mains. That is painful sometimes rarely but at least mindful demand. Any SMPS containing a bridge and ferrite trafo IS NOT referring to any of those forbidden subjects.

However the invitation to clarify the purpose of circuit is very welcome. It applausibly ought become a standard for all this site topics. Note YOU may promote this toward status of Rule.