100 - 500 mW, 1000 Hz - 10 Mhz White Noise Generator

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  1. AlgoryThm

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    Apr 23, 2008
    Hi everyone! What I'm trying to make is a circuit for a biologist friend studying the effects of absence or presence of artificially produced frequencies on guinea pigs brains. It's an advanced study I don't get very well but he asked me if I could help him in making a circuit which would produce every possible frequency from 1Hz to 100Mhz simultaneously. Pretty much a white noise generator reaching rf spectrum and a linear amplifier and small wire antenna in order to transmit the rf spectrum in space. I told him that (from what I know) this spectrum would be difficult to be covered by a single generator. But I could try a 10Khz to 10Mhz which would be much easier for linear amplifiers. Since he needs to cover an area of 30sq meters, I think 500mW or less should be enough.
    I found some noise source circuits online and I think the "avalanche diode" method is the simplest and more promising one. So I'm thinking of making the generator in the picture below, but how you think I should proceed for an amplifier of this spectrum?

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  2. AlbertHall

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    You are trying to radiate this from some sort of aerial?
    Aerials are fairly narrow bandwidth and they get bigger as the frequency gets lower. To effectively radiate 10kHz you need a BIG aerial.
    Further if you succeed in doing this you will wipe out a large part of the radio spectrum for some distance around. I don't know where you are, but this would be illegal here in the UK.
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    Sorry, but did you read the User Agreement
    Jammers are not allowed here.

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